Our staff are all local to treasure beach.

Venesia Gordon

Miss Venesia has worked at Villa Hikaru for 12 years. She radiates such grace, and clearly deeply loves the home, treasuring her role as Lead Staff- a position that she has shaped over the years.  She has a keen sense of the home, and has helped solve many a plumbing or other maintenance issue! She repeatedly wows our guests with her fabulous feasts that would be at home in a 5- star restaurant! Your days will begin with vibrant fresh breakfasts always including tropical fruits, and end with hearty, savory dinners loaded with flavor!  She has such a warm and caring style as she quietly works behind the scenes. Miss Venesia is able to accommodate all dietary requests, and add the needed pizzaz to bring any meal alive!  Her Jamaican cuisine is filled with native spices, fresh meats, seasonal produce, and only the freshest fish and lobster that she personally selects by walking down the beach to inspect the fishermen’s daily catch. You will do best if you allow her to serve Jamaican food- a food that is in perfect harmony with Hikaru. She lives in the village of Billy’s Bay and has two daughters ages 17 and 8.

Patrick Ritchie

Mr Patrick has worked at Villa Hikaru for 10 years. He deeply loves the many plantings on the property, and nourishes them as if they were part of his family. He carries on the proud tradition of keeping the grounds gleaming and verdant, filled with native plantings including fruit trees and coconuts, following in the footsteps of his father and grandfather. His  fisherman grandfather Mr. Elbert James was the original Villa groundsman, gardener and caretaker, followed by his fisherman father Mr. Volney Ritchie who worked at Hikaru for over 30 years, creating the magical landscape that awaits visitors. Mr Patrick continue to add to the canvas created by his father and grandfather. Children are delighted with the coconut gifts Mr. Patrick gives them, and guests of all ages delight in learning about the plants and the vegetation filling the grounds and the surrounding hills. He has 6 grown children and 4 grandchildren, with his home adjoining the Villa grounds and accessed by a gate in our fence, allowing rapid responses to any issues that a guest might have.

Elesha Ebanks

Miss Elesha has worked at Villa Hikaru for 10 years. She has brought so much warmth and elegance to Hikaru, working closely and harmoniously with Miss Venesia.  Her smile brightens the home as she strives to keep the home gleaming and perfectly poised, as if it were ready for the next glossy design magazine shoot!  Towels end up looking like floral masterpieces in her skilled hands! No matter how busy she is, she radiates a sense of being fully present and eager to make your experience truly wonderful.  She too is a gifted chef, adding lovely touches to the meals. Her wit and humor are delightful!  She and Miss Venesia are a match made in heaven, as each compliments the other in countless ways, allowing guests to feel so very nurtured. Her brother was involved in the meticulous restoration of Villa Hikaru, and she is appropriated celebratory of the quality of the renovation. You sense her pride and great love of the home. She resides in the village of Billy’s Bay, and  has one daughter age 17.